Wax vs Sealant vs Coating – Know The Real Difference

The confusion around terms Car wax, Paint Sealant, and Paint coating are usual among the people, given to the properties and application of these paint protection products. All these products are applied over the paint to increase its longevity. Although it may seem that all these three terms are similar and can be used interchangeably, it is not true. To help you understand the individual properties and the differences between all three products, read this article on wax vs sealant vs coating.

Firstly let’s understand the properties and use of each product:

Car wax

car wax

Car waxes are used to protect and add gloss to the paint of the car. Wax comes in two forms: liquid and hard pastes. Car waxes are like coating as it protects the painting from external factors. It also helps in adding the extra shine. Waxes are popular among car owners as it can be applied with ease. The procedure for removing the wax is also easy and hassle-free. Car waxes can last anywhere from 1 month to 4 months, depending on the quality and the ingredients of the wax. The wax having higher carnauba wax ratio lasts longer as compared to the other variants. Waxes are generally used for adding shine to the paint.

Paint Sealant

paint sealant

The sealants are applied on the painted surfaces to increase the durability of the paint. It also increases longevity. The paint sealants generally come in the liquid form made from the human-made polymers, resins, and synthetics. The process of applying sealant is also easy. A sealant acts as a tight barrier for the painted surface.


This paint protection product is a combination of both the above-stated compounds. It is made from man-made synthetic ingredients. A layer of paint applied on the painted surface for providing protection, as well as adding gloss to the paint, is called coating. It gives a clear and high shine finish to the paint. Unlike car wax and sealant, the coating cannot be removed easily. Coating has the highest longevity and can only be removed by polishing.

Wax vs Sealant vs Coating

As we now know the properties of individual paint production products, let’s see how they all differ from each other and which one is best suited for the application.

The longevity of the wax is lower as compared to the other two. It can last up to four months if appropriately applied.Sealants have better longevity than wax. It can last 4-6 months after application.The winner in longevity section is coating as it can last anywhere from 12 to 24 months.
The process of applying the wax on the car paint is easy and doesn’t require much time or efforts.It is easy to apply sealants as well. The application procedure is similar to that of the wax.Coating the painted surface requires good skills and efforts. The process is a bit difficult and time consuming.
Waxes do not provide proper protection but add gloss to painted surfaces.Sealants are a clear coating of the protective ingredients that offer protection to the paint.Coatings have both the properties of adding gloss as well as protecting the paint.
Like the application process, the procedure of removing wax is smooth.The removal process of the sealant is a bit tough than compared to the wax.The coating of any surface can only be removed by abrasion. The procedure is tough and requires much time.
When it comes to price point Waxes are cheaper than sealants and coating.Sealants are cheaper as compared to the coating.Paint coating are expensive given to its property of protecting the paint for a long time.

Concluding Remarks

From the above differences, we can summarize the following:

  • Car wax gives a signature wet shine to the car. It is easy to apply as well as to remove. The wax doesn’t last long and is priced economically.
  • A sealant is generally used to “seal” the paint. It helps in protecting the paint from the external factors.
  • Lastly, the coating has the properties of both. The extra bucks of the sealant are worth it because of its longevity and durability.

So you can buy the product that specifically for what you need. Always check the ingredients and application process before making the purchase.

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