Is it necessary to polish a car without waxing? See what the pros say

Car polish and car wax are two products that every car owner has. They are the fundamental occupants of most car cleaning and detailing kits. They both work in different ways in order to help you maintain and protect your car. However, a common question arises – is it necessary to polish a car without waxing? There are many related questions, as well. Some users want to know if they serve the same purpose, and some others want to know if they should always polish the car. In this article, we will answer all your questions.

What is car polish?

car polish

Car polish works on dirt, stains, scrapes, grease, and scratches on the car. These will not go when you wash the car. This is why you need a special product for it. 

Polishes are available in various forms, such as liquids, sprays, and creams. No matter which form you choose, you must follow the given instructions to apply the polish properly. Also, it is essential to apply the right quantity of polish. Going overboard will lead to scraping of the paint.

What is car wax?

Car wax is literally a wax that protects the car’s paint. It is like a sealant that prevents damage, stains, etc. To a considerable extent, it also makes the car weather-resistant. 

Wax is very beneficial, but you must be sure to buy a good quality one with safe ingredients. Cheap waxes can end up damaging your car instead of protecting it.

Both polish and wax have specific uses. They are not the same. 

Should you apply polish or wax first?

Since polish helps with cleaning and wax helps with protection, you should apply polish first. However, before you apply polish, you should wash the car. Washing removes dust and dirt, and polish removes the hard-to-wash stains and scratches.

After these 2 steps, you can proceed with the car wax.

Is it necessary to polish a car before waxing?polish or wax

No, it isn’t. 

In fact, you should only polish a car when the need arises. But, you should always wash your car during every detailing cycling. 

Once you wash the car, if you see any stains or problems, you should proceed to polish. Otherwise, you can skip it and wax your car. Waxing is mandatory every 3 months. This will keep the paint protected and minimize damage. 

Whether you use polish and wax or only wax, following the instructions that come with the product is crucial. More often than not, we have seen users suffer because they over-applied the product or followed the wrong method. This is also important because every product has its own requirements. Taking this for granted is not advisable at all.

We hope all your doubts about car polish and car wax have been cleared. If you have any other doubts or suggestions, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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