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How to Remove Car Wax from Black Trim?- Tips to Get Car Wax Off Easily

Many people avoid the use of car wax on any trim because of the removal complexities. It is a difficult task to get car wax off from plastic trim once it dries out. The primary reason is that such waxes lodged inside the plastic pores. Plastic trim pieces are pretty porous, and so, only water and soap can’t lift these particles out. That’s why it is difficult to remove the wax from the black trim.

If you don’t remove the wax on time, it may look like a white haze on the black trim. You may think the plastic itself is fading. But, it’s not! It is the trapped wax where your towel couldn’t reach while cleaning the excessive wax. This article highlights a few tips and tricks that may help you to remove wax from car trim. There are also a few cleaners available online if you want to invest in some cleaning products.

How to Remove Car Wax from Black Trim?

There are several ways to remove car wax from black trim. The majority are inexpensive. You can use sprays, brushes, white pencil erasers, some chemicals, and lots more regularly. Let’s check it out!

1. White Pencil Erasers

Pencil erasers are one of the most efficient ways of removing wax from plastic trim. It is safer than the heat gun methods. Heat guns may discolor or fade the plastic material, but white pencil erasers never do that. Try a pink gummy eraser as it may reach to each corner and does a great job. Also, it does not require any chemicals or liquid. Win-win!

White Pencil Erasers

2. Magic Erasers

Magic erasers or scrubbers can help you to remove that stubborn wax the way you have never imagined! It can not only remove the wax from the black trim but can also remove paint transfer from car bumpers. Isn’t it a great option at a cheap cost? As it is slightly abrasive, it can quickly remove wax lodged in porous plastic trim pieces. There is only one thing to keep in mind is that it is not preferable for the painted surfaces.

Magic Erasers

3. Wax Removers

As the name suggests, it is meant to remove wax! It is formulated to dissolve the settled dried wax on that black trim. You can use it on any surface. The spray-on application makes it easy and convenient compared to any other methods. Generally, it comes with a nylon brush. Such brushes can make contacts with hard-to-reach areas and clean the built-up. You can also use it to remove polish or compound residue.

4. Heavy Duty Cleaner

Such cleaners can work on all vinyl seats, plastic, or rubber surfaces. It is ideal for heavily soiled trim. It can clean and wipe out everything off after a little scrubbing. These type of wax removal solutions do a good job and enhance the shine of your plastic or black trim. There are many gels and liquids available in the market which you can use as a heavy-duty cleaner.

5. Toothbrush

Brushes are the cheapest product which can help you to remove wax. You can use your old toothbrushes also. It is the best to remove any trapped wax, pollen, or other particles from plastic trims. You can also use a nail brush or toothbrush to clean the edges and inner parts of the trim. It works best in tight confined places like small emblems or the hidden cracks.

Toothbrush to remove car wax

So these are the cheapest, easiest, and most convenient options to remove wax from car trim. Apart from these items, you can also try rubbing alcohol with a thin cloth to clean the edges. Also, it is suggested to use a gel or clear wax, at last, to get back the black shine. You are then ready to use your shiny car again. We hope you have found this article useful and got the answer of how to remove car wax from black trim.

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