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How to Polish Stainless Steel Gun : Revolver Polish Guide

Maintaining the shine of stainless steel guns can be a bit tricky as compared to other metal guns. This is because there are not many people out there owning such firearms, nor there are articles about it either. Don’t worry, as I will take you through the step-by-step process with all the required materials and some tips to polish stainless steel guns.

How to Polish Stainless Steel Gun

A lot of people ask what the need to polish a gun is. Well, there is a list of reasons that answer this question:

  • Although stainless steel is resistant to rust, it can still corrode. Polishing helps in getting rid of such rust spots and also protects the gun against it. 
  • A polished and well-maintained gun can be sold at a higher value due to its overall look.
  • Polishing a tool or weapon also helps in cleaning it and getting rid of all the dust and other unwanted debris.

Now that we know the reasons let’s go through all the materials that you will require for polishing your gun.


  • Sandpaper of different grit such as 220,400, 600, 1000, 1200
  • A cotton cloth
  • A gun polish
  • A rotary tool with wheels to apply polish


Step 1:

Unload the gun and store all the bullets in a cardboard box. Gather all the supplies that you might require for this procedure, such as newspapers, tissues, buffing cloth, etc. Keeping everything handy helps save time and also speed up the process.

Step 2:

An unpolished surface of the gun might have some scratches due to its wear and tear along with other rust spots. Along with this, the upper layer of previously applied wax or polish has to be removed to get an excellent shiny finish. For getting rid of all these, you need sandpaper to even out the surface. Start sanding with lower grit sandpaper such as 220 grit. You can fix the sandpaper to a wooden piece to work with ease. Always sand in the circular motions or back and forth to get excellent results.

Step 3:

While sanding the surface of the gun, increase the grit by double to get a smooth finish. Get rid of the burrs or tarnish with lower grit sandpaper and then proceed with finishing it with a higher grit such as 1200 or 1500. Using such higher grit sandpapers helps in fading out the scratches on the gun and also helps in giving a mirror-like finish to it. 

Step 4:How to Polish Stainless Steel Gun

Once the surface is smooth and even, clean the surface with the help of cotton cloth or swab. You can also get rid of the dust and debris by using a mini fan or an air compressor. Make sure to reach the edges and areas near the screw that are more prone to dust and dirt. Clean the surface properly after sanding to make your gun look like a new one.

Step 5:

Now take a gunmetal polish for polishing and adding the final touch to your gun. There are many options for gun polish available in the market. You can find one that is suitable for your gun after consulting a professional or searching it online. 

All the supplies for polishing are readily available in the local stores so you can ask for a suggestion to the people there. Start applying polish with the help of a rotary tool on the gun surface. It is recommended to start with a thin layer of polish. You can also add more coats of polish later if required. Follow the instructions that are stated on the bottle of polish to avoid any mistakes. Allow the polish to sit on the gun for some time. 

Step 6:

After the polish has appropriately dried, you can now buff the firearm with a cotton cloth or cotton pad. Buffing helps in making the polish shinier. Clean the surface and get rid of any dust on the gun. And voila, you are done! Your stainless steel gun is now polished. 

Some people also like to oil certain parts of the gun to protect the surface against rust and corrosion. I would recommend you to oil the surface only when required. Store the gun properly in a box or a case to keep it away from the dust.

I hope this article helps you in getting that mirror-like shine for your gun in no time. Sanding or polishing can be time-consuming, so make sure you have a company or some music to make the process fun and interesting. Happy polishing, folks!

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