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How to Polish Aluminum Boat? – Guide to Clean and Polish Your Boat

The boats need to be polished once in a while. As the boat is in contact with water, it becomes susceptible to debris, dust, etc. Polishing the boat helps in maintaining the gel coat of the boat intact and also prevents corrosion. The type of polish or wax to be used depends on the type and material of your boat. In this article, we will specifically focus on the protocol to polish the aluminum boat.

How to Polish Aluminum Boat?

To polish the boat, it is essential to prep it. For preparing your boat before polishing it is important to clean your boat thoroughly. For cleaning, you can use a wet sponge, a mild liquid detergent and water. Start cleaning the boat by first spraying the boat with water and get rid of all the debris on the ship. You can also use a dewaxing solvent to get rid of the old wax. There are many cleaners available in the market that can be used to clean the surface of the boat.

Another way to get rid of the wax is to sand it down. You can use 200 grit sandpaper and start sanding down the surface that needs to be polished. Make sure that you clean all parts and crevices on the boat. Once you are done with getting rid of all the dust and debris, you can wipe the boat with a wet sponge and cleaner. Now let the boat dry before starting to polish the boat.          

After the boat has dried and cleaned correctly, it is ready for polish. You can select the polish based on your preferences. Start applying polish with the help of a pad. Polishing can be done by hands and a soft cloth. Most people like buffing that is applying polish with a towel or a pad. However, you can also use a buffer with foaming pad. Make sure apply polish on the entire surface and be very specific around the areas with fittings. It is recommended to hand buff the crevices. Once the polish is done, let it dry for some time and see if the surface appears to be glossy.

After polish has dried completely take a cloth or a hand towel and wipe all the dirt or dust on the boat. Now is the time for the last and final step. You can select the boat wax that is suitable for your boat depending on its material. Take the boat wax and start buffing it with a pad or you can use an electric buffer too.

Make sure that you apply wax in the circular motions and there is no streaking. Also while buffing the boat with wax see to it that all the areas near the fittings and screws are also covered. Different types of boat waxes come with their diverse set of instructions for applying the wax, make sure to read it before starting the process.

Applying wax will help in giving the gel coat the shine that lasts longer.


Apply one layer of wax and wait for some time to let it dry. As the wax dries down, it starts looking somewhat hazy which is the indicator that wax has adequately dried. You can apply the second coating of wax in the same circular motions and seeing to it that the entire surface area is covered.Wait for some time so that the wax dries completely. Now buff the surface with a had cloth to get rid of the haziness created due to wax. Once you start buffing, you will start seeing the shiny and glossy surface. Buff the entire area and voila polishing your boat is done!

I hope this article helped you in understanding the entire procedure of polishing the aluminium boat. I would suggest to get all the supplies and keep it handy before starting to polish the boat. Also, keep the boat in the sun for dring as it will take up to ten minutes for the wax to dry.

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