Does car wax go bad or expire? Learn how to store it safely

Car wax is an essential product for all car owners. It protects the car’s paint from stains, dirt, grease, etc. and makes it resistant to corrosion. It also prevents damage due to the weather. 

Since car owners use the wax often, they end up buying large cans. Sometimes, these cans stay unused for months and even years. This is when a serious question arises – does car wax go bad? Should you use old car wax? How should you store unused wax? We have all the answers. Please keep reading!

Does car wax go bad or expire?yes or no

The answer is no. In fact, many cans don’t have an expiration date on them. Thus, many users don’t worry about the age of the wax and use it as and when they need to. However, many others are confused and do not know what to do.

Now, while you can still use old wax, the fact remains that its quality deteriorates over time. It loses its protective properties slowly. So, the amount of protection new wax provides will be far more significant than the protection you can expect from an old can. 

Our advice is that you buy only good quality wax so that it stays good with all its properties for longer. Having said that, please note that we do not advise you to use any wax after 2 years. Keep in mind, this is an estimate that we are giving you, and a lot also depends on the ingredients the wax has and the way you store it. 

This leads us to the next section of our article.

How to store wax safelyCar wax

For starters, don’t store it in your garage. Garages are usually hot and not conducive to protective storage. Storing your car wax in a refrigerated area, on the other hand, is an excellent idea. If you have a mini-fridge to spare, store it there, and it will stay good for a long time. You can also use a wine cooler or any other device that keeps the temperature down. A temperature-controlled environment is also fine. You should just make sure that the storage area doesn’t get hot at any given point of time.

If you choose to refrigerate it, you will have to remember to heat it before using it. Refrigerated wax is unusable because applying it is a pain. Wrong application has its own consequences.

Final thoughts

Wax your car at least twice a year or once in 3 months, depending on the usage. If you don’t use your car much, wax it once a year. Depending on your requirement, make sure you buy a suitable sized can of wax so that you don’t really have to worry about expiration dates and wax going bad!

Any doubts? Please feel free to comment and get in touch with us. We are always happy to help! 

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