Best wax and grease remover before paint:Perfect for surface preparation

Are you tired of searching through million pages online to buy the best wax and grease remover for your car? If yes, then don’t worry, we have got you covered! Although the internet has become a go-to place for finding anything and everything, one can’t deny that it can also confuse a customer by showing more than 100 options. There are many people and car owners who search for the automotive wax and grease remover to prep their vehicles for paint application. A wax or grease remover is formulated to adhere to the wax and polish, loosen its grip from the surface and remove it altogether. Many polishes cannot be removed by just water or other cleaners. For such products, you need to use a remover that is made specially to get rid of the grease and wax. 

Best wax and Grease Remover

To make the entire search hunt easy and confined, I have listed the top five wax and grease removers available in the market today. All these removers work well for getting rid of all the contaminants and preparing the surface for the paint. Many of these options can also be used elsewhere in your home, but make sure to go through the features and details properly to make the right choice. Ready? Let us go through the list for the automotive wax and grease remover:

1. Kleanstrip Prep-All Wax & Grease RemoverKleanstrip Prep-All Wax & Grease Remover

If there is one product that has achieved the most positive reviews from its buyers, then it would be this Kleanstrip Prep-all wax and grease remover. This remover is solvent-based and flammable. The wax remover has been formulated to work effectively in removing the wax and polish completely from the automobiles. It also helps in getting rid of all the grime off the surface to get a clean surface for applying the paint. Also, the price point of the remover is in an affordable range, which makes it more preferable. One only needs a little amount of remover to get rid of all the wax and prep the surface.

Key features:

  • The wax remover is suitable for working on metals, fiberglass, plastics and other types of materials.
  • One can use this remover before sanding the surface and prepping it up for the paint application.
  • It is a professional grade wax and grease remover that can be used anywhere paint preparation.
  • The remover has a fast working time and also evaporates quickly.
  • Prep-all wax and grease remover also aids in removing polish, oils, silicones and other contaminants.


2. Custom Shop Restoration Automotive Grease and Wax RemoverCustom Shop Restoration Automotive Grease and Wax Remover

The next option on this list is this grease and wax remover from the renowned brand of Custom Shop. The remover is made using high-quality ingredients to ensure professional-grade results. It is formulated to loosen and dissolve the contaminants on the surface efficiently to prep it up for paint application. This particular grease remover shows excellent results in removing tar, adhesive residues, silicones, tree sap and other common contaminants found on the surface of the automobiles. The manufacturers suggest the users to use this remover with a lint-free cloth to achieve the desired results. 

Key features:

  • The wax remover aids in better paint adhesion and also dries down quickly without leaving any residues.
  • One can use this product to prep the surface for paint application or any other bodywork to get a clean surface to start the procedure.
  • It can be used on all types of painted surfaces such as metal, plastic, epoxy and fiberglass. Make sure to use if before sanding to get rid of all the grease and grime.
  • The remover also works as an anti-silicone panel for the paint application.
  • It can be used in a little quantity to remove all the previous wax and polish from the surface.


3. Eastwood Wax Polish Grease Dirt Remover AerosolEastwood Wax Polish Grease Dirt Remover Aerosol

Eastwood wax and polish remover also work in removing the contaminants from the painted surfaces. It also works in removing the silicone and grime from the surface for achieving a better finish. Many users liked using this remover due to its ease of application and fast-acting time. It is available in the size of one gallon, which can last for a long time. It also enhances the adhesion of powder that makes the application process easy. The best feature about this product is that it is also available in a low-VOC formula for the regulated areas. So if you are looking for the remover that can get rid of anything right from tar to grime in one go, then you can definitely opt for this product.

Key features:

  • The remover comes in an aerosol formula. Hence it has an easy spray-on application to get rid of all the grease from the surface.
  • Using this remover also helps in promoting a better paint adhesion that helps in getting the excellent results of paint application.
  • Eastwood wax and grease remover is suitable for all painted metal surfaces, including automobiles.
  • One can also use this wax remover for prepping the surface for powder coating as well as the final painting of the surfaces.
  • It is easy to work with this remover as one needs to just wipe off the aerosol after leaving it for a while in order to get a neat and tidy surface before starting to paint.


4. Speedokote Zero VOC Wax and Grease RemoverSpeedokote Zero VOC Wax and Grease Remover

Speedokote wax and grease remover is also an excellent alternative for the people searching for the solvent-based remover. It works well in removing the previous paint, wax, polish, tar, grime and grease from the surface. It has zero VOC that works efficiently in prepping the surface for paint application. It can also be used as a pre-cleaner to get a clean surface for starting the painting process. The manufacturers recommend using a lint-free rag with this remover to get better results. However, this product is flammable and has hazardous vapors, so one should handle it with care.

Key features:

  • The remover has an easy spray-on application making it easy for the users to remove all contaminants and residues from the painted surface.
  • It leaves no residues behind, which helps in better paint adhesion and achieving a smooth finish.
  • This wax and grease remover also works as an anti-static agent that aids in eliminating dust and grime from the automobiles.
  • Make sure to use right spraying techniques to avoid eye and skin irritation as well as injuries.


5. Dupli-Color Grease and Wax RemoverDupli-Color Grease and Wax Remover

The last product on this list is this Dupli-Color grease and wax remover that comes in an aerosol form. It is uniquely formulated to prep the surface for paint application. Applying this remover can be the first step for any paint project to get a professional-grade finish for the paint. The remover works effectively in removing grease and wax from the surface of automobiles and can also be used for touch up repair procedures. In all, it is a good alternative given to its economical price point and overall features.

Key features:

  • This wax and grease remover dries down quickly and has a fast-acting time.
  • As this has a spray-on application, beginners can find it easy to use this remover along with the tissues or clothes.
  • The remover is formulated such that it doesn’t leave any residue behind after removing all the wax, grime and grease.
  • It enhances the overall finish of the paint by maximizing the paint adhesion.
  • The remover comes in a pack of two and can be used with other Dupli-color products such as prep-wipes, prep-sprays and others.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to use Wax and Grease Remover?

A wax and grease remover helps in getting rid of all the dirt, wax, grease, grime and other contaminants of the surface. A lot of people use this remover to clean the surface and to prep it up before painting. Often it is also used as a pre-painting cleaner or a solvent cleaner. This wax and grease remover helps in cleaning the surface and getting rid of all the things that can affect the end finish of the paint too. It is essential to start with a clean surface before painting and hence one needs to use this remover for the pre-painting process.

When do I need to use Wax and Grease Remover?

Generally, a wax and grease remover is used to clean the surface before painting. So if you are going to sand the surface with a sanding paper, then I would suggest using this wax and grease remover before sanding the surface. It should be one of the initial steps that one needs to do before starting to apply the paint or primer. Also, if you are opting for body filler, you can use this remover before it. 

Lastly, it can be used as a topcoat in automobiles. Make sure to check the specification of the paint you are opting for before applying the wax remover.

How do I apply Wax and Grease Remover?

A dampened cloth is the best way to apply the wax and grease remover to wipe the surface area with it. A lot of people also use spray-on wax and grease remover that can be applied directly or with a dampened cloth. Using a dampened cloth to apply the remover makes sure that all the dirt and grease is wiped off the surface. Finish the process by wiping the surface with a clean and dry lint-free cloth to get the best results.

Final Thoughts

All the above-stated wax and grease removers do the job of removing the residues and contaminants from the automobiles. My recommendation out of all the removers will, however, be the Kleanstrip prep-it all remover as I have gotten pretty decent results after using the removers. All the removers have different formulation, so make sure to go through the product details before making the purchase. Also, as all the removers are flammable, be extremely careful while using the product. Keep the removers away from the reach of children and avoid smelling it as it can irritate your eyes. Make sure to give some time to remover for loosening the grease and wax to get a 100% clean surface for paint application. Should you have any doubts while using the remover, go through the manual and instructions to get a clear idea.

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